Beer Review: Magic Hat, Wilhelm Scream Pumpkin Ale

Magic Hat Brewing Company Wilhelm Scream Pumpkin Ale

The Details

Style: Spiced Ale Alcohol by Volume: 5.4% Color: Golden Amber Brewery: Magic Hat Brewing Company Location: Burlington, Vermont

As you take a look all around you, it is unmistakably that time of year again...fall. The leaves are out there changing colors, the weather’s getting cooler by the day, and sportsball is in full swing everywhere you look. However, if you are a brew aficionado, to you there are a few signs more indicative of the changing season; the big one being the flood of fall-flavored beverages that make their appearance on store shelves and in breweries alike. Initially, this sounds like a good thing! Yet after tasting everything from a good ole’ Oktoberfest, to some deep, dark pumpkin porters, to a pumpkin shandy or two that tasted like all they were missing was a dollop of whipped cream to call it pie - you might be running from the aisle along with the rest of us! Even for the most dedicated pumpkin fan, it can all be just a little too much.

Have no fear good people! In this never ending patch of pumpkins, Magic Hat Brewing Company has introduced us to something that will please your Oktoberfest cravings without doing you in. They’ve given us a perfectly spiced pumpkin ale called Wilhelm Scream. The name is a frightening nod to the old-timey sound effect, but there is certainly nothing frightening about this beer.

Pouring the beer into a perfectly chilled glass, the golden amber color is a nice invitation. I was met with the heavy aroma of nutmeg which scared me a little at first. I always enjoy a beer with good carbonation and this ale certainly delivers in that area. The flavor starts off with a nice malt backbone and flows right into a perfectly balanced blend of pumpkin and spices. Each flavor is balanced quite well with the other and none are overpowering at all. The winning factor to this brew is certainly the prominent ale characteristics that keep this beer light and refreshing and something that’s very enjoyable to drink. A slight bitter finish leaves your lips ready for another delicious sip.

So next time you find yourself desiring a taste of fall goodness, but are afraid of the pie-effect of many of the choices out there, head confidently in the direction of Magic Hat’s Wilhelm Scream, your tastebuds will thank you!