The New Belgium Brewing Overview

New Belgium Beers

As far as we’re concerned, New Belgium Brewing has some of the most consistently delicious, voraciously appealing, and tastefully classic brews one could hope for. Originals like Fat Tire are time tested, and funky takes like Citradelic and Voodoo Ranger excite the palpate and keep you looking forward to what’s next.

We have greatly enjoyed their seasonal rotations and Folly Packs with flavors like Juicy Watermelon and Cherry Almond Ale. While there’s not enough time in this week to dive into them all, we’ve hand picked a few of the absolute classics, most of which are rotating on the shelves at all times - to describe for your future tasting pleasure.

Fat Tire Amber Ale

Hands-down an iconic piece of the craft beer movement, Fat Tire Amber Ale was one of the first (damn good) craft beers on the mainstream market. Perfectly yeasted, precisely spiced, this easy-drinking ale never disappoints. It has a steady malt flavor backed with plenty of fruitiness to balance it out. Now available as a Belgian White as well, it’s one to love time and time again. It pairs great with fall, and being awesome.

Citradelic Tangerine IPA

Citradelic is a bright beer which finds a perfectly struck balance between hoppy and refreshing. Not only is the grandiose hoppines perfectly balanced with notes of tangerine, grapefruit, and citrus - there’s loads of carbonation which we love…there’s also an awesome 6% ABV and a quenching crispness to be rivaled by all. Simply a must-taste, especially with the warmer beer drinking weather coming up!

Citradelic Exotic Lime Ale

With our love for Citradelic in full swing, boy were we pleasantly surprised to see a shipment of this little twist come through the doors! Take everything we said about Citradelic and add a fun bit of lime to it, toning down the IPA and almost resembling a bit of a hopped up sour. Add a hint of coriander and cracked black pepper, and we see ourselves drinking this one all summer long, too!

Voodoo Ranger IPA

We love the bitter bite you get with every sip of this bad boy. How do they do it? I mean, anyone can brew a hoppy beer, but timed time again, New Belgium hits ALL notes right on time with a balance of tropical fruits, a smooth backbone, and the perfect amount of carbonation. When you’re trying to please a a beer aficionado, this one will absolutely do the trick.

Voodoo Ranger not only comes in the traditional IPA, but you can explore to your tongues content with Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA, 8 Hop Pale Ale, and Juicy Haze IPA. Is that all of them? Who knows? The variety never ceases to impress us. Wouldn’t it be fun to line up all of the rangers and have an imperial taste test? Easy bucket list item right there! Get some!

Yup, these brews should be a fabulous starting point into any New Belgium journey one might want to undertake. Given the chance, we highly recommend checking out other gems like their 1554 Black Lager, Abbey Dubbel, Belgian Trippel, and even the awesome gluten-free Glutiny Pale Ale!